Top 5 Stores to Buy Glasses Online

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We live in an age where nearly everything is available on the internet. You can buy anything from your couch to a pencil at the comfort of your home. However, there are numerous websites and e-commerce stores selling similar brands or products. So, how do you find the best product for your needs?

If you’ve tried shopping for a particular product or service online (of course you have; who hasn’t) then you know that it’s not an easy task. It’s for this reason that this article highlights the most reliable website to get frames and prescribed glasses online.

Shopping Online for Eye Wear

Are you looking for a variety of frame styles at pocket-friendly prices? With just a computer or a smartphone, you can get your dream eyeglasses at the comfort of your home.

And courtesy of new technology in the market, you can even check how the frames fit. Try-on option is some of the e-commerce stores, and websites allow potential clients to use their webcam or front camera to upload a photo and check how the frames fit – virtually at the comfort of your bathroom.

One subtle thing to keep in mind when shopping for eyeglasses online, especially prescription glasses is to ensure that you have the prescription information with you. You are also advised to know how to measure the PD (Pupillary Distance). PD is the distance between the center of the eye pupils, usually, in millimeters – most of the websites ask for the information. And just in case one has an insurance cover, it is essential to check if the seller accepts your health insurance.

Below are some of the best websites to shop for your glasses:

1. Warby Parker (best overall)

This is arguably the best overall online store. Warby Parker gives you a wide range of reasonable and suitable try-on options. They are ‘hellbent’ on helping you get frames and glasses that suit your face and style.

  • Prices: Start at $95
  • Try-On: Home try-on (pick 5 frames to try and return after 5 days) and virtual (upload your photo to see the fit)
  • Lenses: Polycarbonate lenses (included with purchase of optical frames), progressive lenses (starting at $295), 1.67 high-index lenses cost an additional $30, 1.74 high-index lenses cost an additional $130
  • Shipping and returns: 7 to 10 business days (single-vision prescription), 10 to 12 business days (progressive prescription and specialized lenses), 5 business days (home try-on). A full refund or exchange within 30 days of receipt. One-year, no-scratch guarantee for our eyeglass lenses.

Visit Warby Parker

2. EyeBuyDirect (best budget pick)


Looking for fashionable and pocket-friendly? Eyebuydirect is the site for you. This site offers the best eyeglasses without necessarily breaking the bank.

  • Prices: Start at $6
  • Try-On: Virtual only (upload your photo to see the fit).
  • Lenses: Bifocals (additional $29), progressive lenses (additional $49), premium progressive lenses (additional $69).
  • Shipping and returns: 7 to 14 business days. Return or exchange with 14-day Fit & Style guarantee. Get one-time replacement pair within 12 months with 365-day product guarantee (for defects in material and workmanship).

Visit EyeBuyDirect

3. Proof Eyewear (best for eco-friendly frames)

Do you want to stand out with a pair of eco-friendly frames? Well, at Proof Eyewear, the frames are validated wood products. The pieces are all well finished with FSC-certified wood and cotton-based acetate. Not forgetting the repurposed skateboard decks ensuring sustainability.

  • Prices: Start at $75
  • Try-On: None
  • 9

  • Lenses: Clear lens only (frames are prescription-ready)
  • Shipping and returns: Return or exchange within 30 days, frames covered by one-year warranty, receive 50 percent off your next frame when you send your dated proof frames for recycling.

Visit Proof Eyewear

4. Felix + Iris (best for classic styles)

If you are the classic and elegant person who tends to have a hipster-chic look, then you need to check out the Felix+ Iris frames and glasses. They are the best choice for your classic style. The online store is your guarantee of finding a pair of glasses to fit your daily routine.

  • Prices: Start at $89
  • Try-On: Home try-on (order 4 frames to try, return within 5 days)
  • Lenses: Single-vision prescriptions ($119), bifocals ($249), trifocals ($299), progressives ($299), high-index lenses (additional $40-$70)
  • Shipping and returns: Ships in 5 to 7 business days, free returns within 30 days, 1-year warranty covers manufacturing defects

Visit Felix + Iris

5. Bon Look (best for trendy styles)

Just like Warby Parker, Bon Look is considered a favorite store for trendy styles. If you value your fashion accessories and you are always on the lookout for new styles, then Bon Look might just be the site you're looking for. They offer a wide a range of colorful, bold, and trendy frames that give you a classy yet edgy look.

  • Prices: Start at $99
  • Try-On: Virtual (upload photo or use webcam to see fit)
  • Lenses: Single-vision prescriptions ($99, included with frames), progressives ($299), anti-fatigue ($299), degressive ($299)
  • Shipping and returns: Ships in 8 to 10 business days, free 30-day refund

Visit Bon Look

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