About Us


Fashion is the most democratic artistic medium there is. Whether you realize it or not, getting dressed is a creative act. You’re forging a persona the world will judge you by. You’re defining yourself. Because fashion is so closely tied to identity many are passionate about it. Baudelaire summed fashion up best 170 years ago: “It is, above all, the burning desire to create a personal form of originality, within the external limits of social conventions”.

Pound for pound, eyewear is the most important fashion item there is. It occupies little real estate, but because it’s on your face it has transformative power. It goes over your eyes; it’s the gatekeeper between your interior self and exterior self. It allows you to reveal or conceal.

This blog will focus on eyewear. It will cast a wide net. It will feature a bit of everything: my own work, the work of others, vintage sunglasses and eyeglasses, eyewear history, information that will hopefully be useful and interesting, plus forays into other areas of fashion and, occasionally, life.

As I roll out projects I feel are interesting I will be happy to share them.